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About the Pep Band


At Rosemount High School, Pep Band is:

•A service to RHS, providing musical entertainment and a festive atmosphere at select Winter athletic events

•A primary opportunity for Band members to earn and accumulate “Varsity Letter” points towards earning a Varsity Letter in Band (service to the school)

•A fun and “less formal” opportunity to perform in public at school/athletic events (no uniform required)

•A public opportunity to “showcase” one aspect of our quality music department

•A FUN performance opportunity, playing pop music and rock tunes!!!!!


All 9th Grade RHS Band members are required to participate in a minimum of three (3) Pep Band events as part of their 

grade requirement for Band membership during Trimester 2.  

You decide which Pep Band event dates you will participate in.  


*Please note:  AnyBand member (grade 9-12) intending to earn a Varsity Letter in Band must participate in a minimum of six (5) Pep Band events, 

in order to qualify for a Band Varsity Letter.  


You are welcome to do as many events beyond the required as you wish, and you will earn and accumulate points toward a Varsity Letter in Band.


In order to receive credit for participating in Pep Band events, you must:

•Report on time(6:45 PM for all basketball games)

•Have your instrument and Pep Band music (and music stand if needed) 

•Be sure to sign the attendance pad for YOURSELF ONLY, while at the event 

•Sit with the band (in your instrument section) during the entire Pep Band event


Keep track of your Pep Band point accumulations!!!  During February/March, there may be additional Pep Band opportunities as athletic teams qualify for post-season regional/state tournament contests.  Dates and times will be announced as soon as the information is available.



For students interested in accumulating “Mega” extra points towards their Varsity Letter in Band, attend at least ten (10) Pep Band events and your points will double!   


10 events X 10 points per event = 100 X 2 = 200 total Pep Band points!!!


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