Awards and Honors


Here are just a few of the recent awards and honors earned by the Rosemount HS Band program: 

Rosemount Jazz 1:  3rd place at the prestigious Eau Claire Jazz Festival in Class AA.

Band performance tours to Spain, Spring 2016

Rosemount Colorguard:  Selected as WCCO's Best Colorguard in Minnesota 2015.

Rosemount Drumline:  Selected as WCCO's Best Drumline in Minnesota 2014.

Rosemount High School Marching Band performed in the Tournament Of Roses Parade, January 1, 2014

Rose Parade Rosemount 2014RoseParadeFlutes2014

Rosemount High School Band was recently featured on the cover, as well as in-depth band program profile, in the School Band & Orchestra periodical publication, June 2011:


Minnesota Marching Band State Champion, 9 consecutive years, 2006 – 2014

11-time National “Super-Regional” Finalist, Bands Of America/Music For All, 2005 - 2015

Minnesota State Fair Champion Parade Marching Band, 2009 – 2013, 2015

Marching Band featured on live televised performances: WCCO-4, KSTP-5, KARE-11, KMSP-9, and ESPN

Marching Band invited to perform at Minnesota Twins Play-Off baseball games

  • World Series, 1987
  • World Series, 1991
  • Divisional Championship, 2009

Marching Band invited to perform at numerous Minnesota Vikings NFL games (1990’s), and one home Green Bay Packers NFL game (1992)

Marching Band invited by the NFL and CBS Sports to perform on a nationally televised pre-Super Bowl XXVI television special, 2002

We annually host one of the largest and among the longest-running marching band competitions in the state:
The 25th Annual ROSEMOUNT MARCHING BAND FESTIVAL, occuring September 13, 2014 involving 2,200+ student performers, and a live audience of 4,100+ spectators, and a performance by special guest performers:  University of Minnesota Marching Band

Thousands of Superior Ratings earned by Rosemount High School Band students at the annual Solo & Ensemble Contests, sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL)

Band performance tours to Hawaii, Spring 2004 & 2010

Band performance tour to Beijing & Shanghai, China, Spring 2007

Band performance tour to Ponce & San Juan, Puerto Rico, Spring 2013

161 students selected for All-State Band (1999 – 2017)

210 students selected for the University of Minnesota Honor Band (1999 – 2016)

105 students selected for the Concordia College Honor Band (1999 – 2016)

86 students selected for the St. Olaf College Honor Band (1999 – 2015)

Jazz 1 selected to perform at Minneapolis Orchestra Hall for the Lincoln Center Jazz Ensemble, Wynton Marsalis – Artistic Director, Spring 2010
Jazz BandOrchestra Hallsm

Active Tri-M Music and Dance Honor Society that has over 100 band, choir, and dance members.  The Honor Society is a student-led organization that is responsible for ushering at all of our performing arts events throughout the year, along with volunteering their time and talents to other arts-related services.  Tri-M is a society governed by MENC (Music Educators National Conference).

The Wind Ensemble was invited to perform at the 1993 North Central Division Music Convention (MENC), and several MMEA (Minnesota Music Educators Association) state conventions.

Rosemount High School has a very vibrant and enthusiastic Pep Band that involves over 150+ students participating band students at each athletic event.  The Pep Band performs at 16+ athletic events each year (boys and girls hockey, football and basketball) as well as any playoff games.

Rosemount High School offers an AP Music Theory Course. Many band students register for the course and many receive college credit by successfully completing the AP exam.

Participated in commissioning compositions from these composers:  David Childs, Daniel Kallman, Andrew Boysen, David Mann, Jeffrey Marquardt, Russell Peterson, Alex Shapiro, and Josh Gottry

Members of the Rosemount High School Percussion Ensemble had the opportunity to perform with snare drum virtuoso Jeff Queen at the 2011 Minnesota Percussion Association’s Day of Percussion.  Percussion Ensemble Members also had the opportunity to work with percussionist/composer Ney Rosauro at a percussion festival hosted at MacPhail Center for Music, February 2011.  

RHS Band member, Leah Reber, was selected to perform at the International Trumpet Guild Symposium, May 2011, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN

3 student finalists in the Schubert Club International Concerto Competition, 2009, 2010, 2011

Grammy Award Signature School, 2009

NAMM “Top 100 Communities Supporting Music Education in America,” 2009

Conn/Selmer Signature “Top 25” Instrumental Music Programs in America, 2009

David Mann – MMEA Best Composition Award Recipient, MMEA State Conference, 2009

Sarah Wachter – MMEA Featured Soloist at MMEA State Conference, 2009




MMEA All-State

Madison Drinen-Bass Clarinet: ­ All State Concert Band,
Isabel Edgar-Clarinet: ­ All State Symphonic Band, Wesley Ellison-Clarinet: ­ All State Concert Band, Jacob Grunklee-French Horn: ­ All State Orchestra, Nathan Leosch-Trumpet: ­ All State Jazz Band, Bailey Leuth-Trumpet: ­ All State Symphonic Band, Alysse Mazakian: All State Choir, Leo Molitor-Percussion: All State Concert Band, Jamie Radosevich-Clarinet ­ All State Concert Band, Michael St. Ores-Trumpet: ­ All State Concert Band, Cole Tindal: All State Choir

Gustavus Honor Band
Evelyn Doran-Flute: Nimmo Winds, Elizabeth Vitullo-French Horn: Nimmo Winds, Joey Skare-Percussion: Nimmo Winds, Colin Lamoreaux-Piano: Jazz Ensemble, Adam Shew-Tenor Sax: Hilary Winds, Chase Ketterling-Tenor Sax: Hilary Winds, Jessica Echverria-Tenor Sax: Nimmo Winds, Bailey Leuth-Trumpet: Hilary Winds, Nathan Loesch-Trumpet: Jazz Ensemble, Noah Anderson-Trumpet: Nimmo Winds

St. Thomas Honor Band
Andrea Gordon-Flute: Symphonic Band, Nathan Loesch-Trumpet: Symphonic Band, Elizabeth Vitullo-French Horn: Symphonic Band, Kristen Andrews-Trombone: Symphonic Band, Leo Molitor-Percussion: Symphonic Band, Alysse Mazakian-Bass Clarinet: Concert Band, Krista Gillich-French Horn: Concert Band, Alek Koskela-Euphonium: Concert Band

Eau Claire Honor Band
Austin Wong Parker-Bari Sax,
Alysse Mazakian-Bass Clarinet, Ellie Berg-Bassoon, Isabel Edgar-Clarinet, Wesley Ellison-Clarinet, Alek Koskela-Euphonium, Gabrielle Fisher-Euphonium, Evelyn Doran-Flute, Andrea Gordon-Flute, Michael St. Ores-Trumpet, Cole Tindal-Trumpet, Colin Lamoreaux-Trumpet, Nathan Loesch-Trumpet, Noah Anderson-Trumpet,
Jacob Schuelke-Trumpet

St. Olaf Honor Band
Leo Molitor, Percussion, Michael St. Ores, Cornet 1, Nathan Loesch, Cornet 1, Wesley Ellison, Clarinet 1

University of Minnesota Honor Band
Noad Anderson-Trumpet, Kristen Andrews-Trombone, Elizabeth Berg-Bassoon, Isabel Edgar-Clarinet, Gabby Fisher-Euphonium, Andrea Gordon-Flute, Chase Ketterling-Bari-Sax, Alek Koskela-Euphonium, Colin Lamoreaux-Trumpet, Bailey Leuth-Trumpet, Nathan Loesch-Trumpet, Leo Molitor-Percussion, Alisha Patel-Clarinet, Jamie Radosevich-Clarinet, Jacob Schuelke-Trumpet, Adam Shew-Tenor-Sax, Joey Skare-Percussion, Michael St. Ores-Trumpet, Cole Tindal-Trumpet, Michael Urban-Trombone

Minnesota Band Director's Association, 9-10 Jazz Band
Caleb Maeda-Trumpet

Concordia Honor Band
Kristen Andrews, Ellie Berg, Andrea Gordon, Nathan Loesch, Jamie Radosevish, Jacob Schuelke, Joey Skare

Minnesota Band Director's Association,9-10 Concert Band
Sam Anderson-Alto Sax, Jason Senthil-Alto Sax, Jaren Yambing-Bari-Sax, Vanessa Northway-Bass Clarinet, Jacqueline Radosevich-Clarinet, Maija Beckwith-Percussion, Anna Loughridge-Percussion, Caleb Maeda-Trumpet

Music For All 2017 Rose Parade Honor Band
Wesley Ellison




Minnesota All State
--Symphonic Band
Jacob Grunklee-French Horn, Cole Tindal-Trumpet, Madison Drinen-Bass Clarinet, Rachel Hoffmann-Trombone, Michael Urban-Trombone
---Concert Band
Jenna Olson-Bass Clarinet, Nicole Hutchinson-Alto Sax, Michael Brehmer-Clarinet
--Percussion alternate
Neha Sunkum

Gustavus Adolphus College
Kari Felland, Kristen Andrews, Nathan Loesch, Bailey Leuth, Luke Gordan, Michael St. Ores

University of  St. Thomas
Natalie Narloch, Carissa Boerboom, Erin Abraham, Alisha Patel

St. Olaf College
Jenna Olson, Nicole Hutchinson, Riley Preator, Neha Sunkum

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Tim Gearing, Andrea Gordan, Anna Willmott, Wes Ellison, Luke Gordan, Joe McNamara, Rachel Hoffman, Michael St. Ores

UofM Honor Band
Kristen Andrews, Lilly Alexander, Roz Davis, Nathan Loesch, Jenna Olson, Michael St. Ores, Cole Tindal, Nicole Hutchinson, Jamie Radosevich

MBDA Honor Band – Grades 9/10
Adam Brehmer, Petra Holtze, Tim McNamara, Jason Senthil

MBDA Honor Jazz Band – Grades 9/10
Colin Lamoreaux, Bailey Leuth

Concordia College Honor Band
Kristen Andrews, Ellie Berg, Wesley Ellison, Andrea Gordon, Luke Gordon, Jenna Olson