2015 Garage Sale

 Garage Sale May 2015

DATE:   Saturday, May 2, 2015
TIME:    7 AM - 4 PM
LOCATION: Rosemount HS Student Center

Donations Accepted at the COLLECTION TRAILER (semi-truck trailer) located in the Rosemount High School Parking Lot


Donations will be accepted at the Collection Trailer (semi-truck trailer) in the Rosemount High School Parking Lot on:

• Saturday, April 25,  10 AM – 3 PM
• Sunday, April 26,  Noon – 3 PM
• Monday, April 27, 5 – 8 PM
• Tuesday, April 28, 5 – 8 PM
• Wednesday, April 29, 5 – 8 PM
• Thursday, April 30, 5 – 8 PM
• Friday, May 1, 2:30 - 8 PM, deliver to the RHS Student Center

(Large items will only be accepted on Friday, deliver to the Student Center)

Gently used items, furniture that does not need repair or cleaning. 
We have the right to refuse an item.

Items not accepted:
Beds/Mattress/Bed frames/Sofa Sleeper
Baby Furniture/Car seats
Exercise Equipment
Large Appliances/Computers
Microwaves/Metal Office Furniture
Gas Powered Items
Large Seasonal Items (i.e.: Christmas Tree)


Donations Drop off Collections - RHS Parking Lot (collection trailers)
(Volunteers will help unload donations and sort/organize items in trailers) Rain or shine!
     •Saturday, April 25, 10am-3pm
    •Sunday, April 26, Noon-3pm
    •Monday, April 27, 5-8pm
    •Tuesday, April 28, 5-8pm
    •Wednesday, April 29, 5-8pm
    •Thursday, April 30, 5-8pm

Friday, May 1:

Facilities Set Up: 2:30-4pm (Volunteers will setup the display tables, coat racks, etc; begin unloading trailers)  
*Important*: Trailer Unloading/Display Merchandise/Pricing 4-8pm

Saturday, May 2, 7am-4pm:
            Cashiers/Tally/Item Holds
            Department Assistants/Runners/Carry Out
            Brat Stand Worker  - 10am-3pm

**Extremely Important** Tear Down/Load Trailer/Cafeteria reset - 4pm - until it's done!

Sunday, May 3 - 10am-noon:  Unload Trailer at Goodwill

Three ways to sign up:

             1.  Volunteer list in PAC during MARCH concerts
             2.  Email: Teresa Davis at
             3.  Call Teresa Davis at 952-412-2951
2014 Band Garage Sale Coordinators 

Teresa Davis


Jackie Kuran

Proceeds from the RHS Band Garage Sale will be used to pay for RHS Marching Band uniforms and transportation expenses.