Scrip fundraiser

To support our students as they raise money to participate in Marching Band, participate in band trips, etc., -  please consider purchasing gift Cards and eCards through the Scrip Fundraiser program. Buying gift cards through Scrip allows you to support the band (or a specific student in the band) while making everyday purchases like gas and groceries. Over 700 businesses make their gift cards available through Scrip fundraising.  
Click here for more information or go to This document has even more information about using Scrip.  
Examples of how you can fundraise with Scrip:  Click Here

Rosemount Band's enrollment code: Jennifer McCullum and Dina DeLong:
Waiver Form:  Please feel this out and turn it in to the band office asap.
Coordinators:  Jennifer McCullum and Dina DeLong: