About the Wind Symphony

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Conductor:  Ben Harloff

The Wind Symphony is open to all 10-12 grade students by audition. The Wind Symphony is considered a "high level" ensemble and is the second highest band at Rosemount High School (the Wind Ensemble is the "top band").

On a daily basis - this class is a creative arena for musicians to express themselves, support each other in music making endeavors and create beautiful and meaningful musical experiences for all members.

The ensemble is committed to the performance and promotion of the richest and most varied music for wind band, ranging from time honored classics to premieres of new music. The RHS Wind Symphony members have the responsibility of coming to rehearsals with their individual part prepared to the best of their abilities, rehearsal time is then spent on exploring music form, expression and ensemble performance.

Current Literature that Wind Symphony is working on:

Come, Sweet, Death by Alfred Reed
LOL(Laugh Out Loud) by Robert Buckley
Skyline by Frank Gulino

2016-2017 Concerts

January 9th, March 6th, May 25th

Questions? Email Mr. Harloff: