About the Wind Ensemble

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The Rosemount High School Wind Ensemble is the “top band” at Rosemount High School, and is devoted to studying and performing a variety of band literature: orchestral transcriptions, basic band repertoire, multi-movement works and contemporary wind band compositions.  
Membership is based on a rigorous and comprehensive audition held each January/February (prior to course registration). RHS Band students who achieve the highest audition scores for their instrument, grades 10-12, are eligible for membership in this ensemble. Seating is based on audition scores. The course will include weekly private band lessons provided by the instructors. The Wind Ensemble will perform at least one public concert each trimester in addition to the Conference Band Festival and a clinic/contest.  All members of the RHS Wind Ensemble (the "flagship instrumental music ensemble" at RHS!) you are expected to:

  • PRACTICE  on a regular basis (Band Music, Scales & assigned Lesson materials)
  • Participate in LESSONS on a regular basis 
  • Prepare your band music to the best of your ability.  You are expected to have all your notes/rhythms learned outside of class/rehearsals.  This is your HOMEWORK for Band class - regular practice on your band music!  Daily class rehearsals are for MAKING MUSIC  and putting it all together as an ensemble -  NOT for “learning your notes.”
  • Prepare and perform a Solo for the annual Solo & Ensemble Contest
  • Prepare and perform a large ENSEMBLE (during class) for the annual Solo & Ensemble Contest
  • Serve as an example of musical excellence
  • Strive to be a "role model" and LEADER in the RHS Band program - someone who consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, outstanding work ethic and pride in all of our musical organizations at RHS - with a positive attitude (never arrogance or condescension).
  • Work together with everyone in the group to make the entire experience fun, challenging and focused on making music at the highest level of our potential!
Any Questions?  Email Mr. Sieve: