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Charms information

Charms is a powerful online accounting software that will allow all RHS Band members to track their RHS Band Account balance online (as well as any payments made for Marching Band, fundraisers, band trips, band supplies, etc.).
To access your Charms account:

  1. Click here to log into the Charms secure student Website.
  2. Enter the Student/Parent/Members area: 
    • School code = RHS Band
    • Student area password = six-digit student ID from ISD 196
  3. Follow instructions on the PDF document found below.

Charms questions? Contact the CHARMS coordinators:

ISD 196 SCHOOL BOARD POLICIES pertaining to the RHS Band Fundraiser Accounts (Charms Accounts).

Here are the specific policy details pertaining to the RHS Band Fundraiser Charms Financial Student Accounts.
This information is located on the RHS Band CHARMS website:

How to access parent/student information in CHARMS

Log on to, and click the green “ENTER/LOGIN” link at upper right.

Click the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN” from the drop down box.

Login to your student’s program account using the following School Code:

School Code: RHS Band Student Area Password: Your Student’s School ID Number (6 digit number from ISD 196)

This will bring up the main student/parent page. Here, families will be able to access RHS Band Account financial balance information, adult volunteer forms, update information about you and your family, check the event list, access handouts and link to the RHS Band Website.

Specific areas you should access when you first log in to Charms:

o FIRST: Update Personal Information – click the “Update Info” icon on the home screen (after logging in). Here, you will be able to make changes to, or add information about you the Band Student, and your parents. Feel free to enter and verify ALL information here; it’s secure, and will be used by the Directors to contact the RHS Band Families. Feel free to add up to four adult contacts to this area, as well. Press the green “Update” button!

NOTE: To continue to receive Scrip payments into your student Band



Instrument/Part information: “Part 1” is your primary RHS Band instrument. “Part 2” is your instrument you are playing in the RHS Marching Band. This cannot be altered by you.

Personal Instrument: This tab allows you to enter information about your instrument used. Enter your Serial Number in case your instrument is lost or stolen!

Locker: Enter your band locker combination here. If you forget it, you or your parents can retrieve it easily for you.

Parents: Enter all the relevant information about you on the drop down tabs.

You do not need to include your Driver’s License or Date of Birth.

Change Charms Password: If you wish to use a different PW than your Student ID.

o NEXT: Adult Volunteer Sign up! - click the “Volunteer” icon on the home screen after logging in. Here, parents will have the opportunity to sign up for all current volunteering opportunities for the RHS Marching Band. Once signed up, don’t forget to screen print the volunteering opportunities you sign up for.

Note: You may sign up for as many as you wish. Also, the opportunities are roughly categorized by seasons of the year. Remember, by signing up you are making a COMMITMENT to volunteer for this activity!

o FINALLY: View your RHS Student Band Financial Account. Click on

“Finances” on the Charms home screen after logging in. Specific areas in which you will be most interested in at current:

FIRST: Note the summary of the cost of RHS Band. You will see the RED Ledger balance for the cost for Band this year. In Green is the Credit from your Band Student Account Miscellaneous Balance (see below). The Balance listed here is WHAT YOU STILL OWE FOR MARCHING BAND.

SECOND: Scrolling down the page, you will see the “Student Fundraising Detail” area listing any and all Fundraising credits that you have earned.

THIRD: Scrolling farther down, you will find the details of your Student Band Account in the “Miscellaneous Ledger Detail” area. Here, you will see any payments made, any fundraising monies earned, and finally, your student’s “Beginning Band Balance”.

o EMAIL STAFF: Here, there are links to email if you have questions on Charms.

Questions? Emails


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